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The Brady Rouse Showmanship Effectiveness Award

Chosen by the Hall of Fame active members. This award is given to the guard that best embodies Brady's vision and belief in the purpose of the activity that rewards those that display an emotional intensity throughout their performance; engages the audience; and demonstrates an effective level of communication with the audience!

2023:       Gates Chili IA

2022:       Victor Cadet

2019:       Gates Chili IA

2018:       Magic of Scout House

2017:       Ventures RA

2016:       Magic of Scout House

2015:       Jamestown Express

2014:       Ventures IA

2013:       Patriots

2012:       Liverpool Varisty

2011:       Legacy Cadet

2010:       Renaissance

2009:       Orchard Park

2008:       Ventures Open

2007:       Naples

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