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The Bruce McCready Sportsmanship Award

Chosen by the by the Circuit Membership.  This award is given to the guard that best displays an understand that our activity is not simply about winning or losing.  It is also about showing the proper consideration for families, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship among all competitors.  

This award goes to the guard that best demonstrates a commitment to the growth and maturity of tall members of our circuit guards and whose actions state: "It's all about the kids!"


2023      Gates Chili IA

2022      Luminosa

2018       Ventures IA

2017       Gates Varisty

2016       Patriots

2015       Patriots

2014       Ventures IA

2013       Lancaster HS

2012       Luminosa

2011       Lancaster

2010       Medina

2009       Lancaster

2008       Jamestown

2007       Gates Chili Varisty

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