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The George Cowburn "Esprit de Corps" Award

Chosen by the the NYS Federation of Contest Judges.  The award goes to the Guard that, in the judges' opinion best exemplifies the characteristics of the late George Cowburn.  Dedication to the activity, willingness to assist other members of the circuit, good sportsmanship, integrity & honor.  This award, named in his honor, is one of the most prestigious honors a guard in Upstate New York can ever hope to receive!


2023:       Lancaster High School

2022:       Marcus Whitman

2019:       Geneseo Sapphire

2018:       Ventures IA

2017:       Batavia A1

2016:       Lancaster Independent

2015:       Patriots

2014:       Patriots

2013:       Luminosa

2012:       Victor Varisty

2011:       Naples

2010:       Victor Lil Devils

2009:       Mighty Liberators RA

2008:       Victor HS

2007:       Bloomfield RA

2006:       Rainbow Guard

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