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North East Color Guard Circuit Scholarship

The North East Color Guard Circuit Scholarship is given to ONE Performer each year.  Each guard is allowed to only submit one Applicant.   The Applicant must be in their Senior year of High School or already attending College.  The Performer must be an active member of a Guard Unit Competing in the NECGC Championships.  The award is decided though an application process. The performers Academics/Grade Point Average, Extra Curricular Activitys, Pageantry, Community Service, and Future plans along with a written application are all considered when choosing a Performer for this prestigious Scholarship.   

2023:       Alice Moffitt, Luminosa

2022:       Jason Case, Gates IA

2020:       Cassidy Kress, Gates IA

2019:       Megan Lloyd, Legacy IA

2018:       Tapanga Wheaton, Batavia

2017:       Hannah Gee, Orchard Park

2016:       Hannah Maciejewski, Lancaster

2015:       Emily Kowalcyzk, Magic of Scout House

2014:       Taylor Loder, St. Johns

2013:       Gabriella Catera, Patriots

2012:       Mallory Ginter, Luminosa

2011:       Cari Guida, Lancaster

2010:       Rebecca Butler, Ventures

2009:       Hannah Pettengill, Bloomfield

2008:       Mary Rose Basile, Aquinas

2007:       Kelsey Soeffing, Gates Chili

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